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By Dana C. of Long Beach

We bought two bikes from Henry to keep up with our friends on their Pedego bikes. Such a good value by comparison. We ride them everywhere and even tow the puppies in a trailer. Had one minor issue with a wheel spoke, which Henry immediately rectified. Great customer service. Very satisfied customers. Always recommend them to anyone who asks about them. 

By Mitch M. of Venice, CA.

After experiencing severe "Trike Envy" at Burning Man in 2014, we ordered Schwinn adult tricycles on-line and had them shipped directly to Henry at LB Electric. Henry put them together, converted them to electric, installed the batteries, and when we picked them up we were ready to go. Excellent service + great product =happy customers! Now the only concern we have on the Playa is a sore thumb from the accelerator switch. Thanks LB Electric!

By Joe S. of Hollywood, CA

I bought a Schwinn Meridian trike in for conversion and couldn't be happier with the bike or the experience. Henry puts great care into everything he does, using exceptionally high quality components at a very reasonable price. He's always happy to help or offer advice, and knows more about electric bikes than just about anyone you talk to. Several friends have since had him make trikes for them and had the exact same experience. Highly recommend!

By Jerry B. of Norco, CA

Henry is a very patient man answering all my wife's questions and the quality of his bicycles is second to none. His prices are much better than any of the big manufacturers. I recommend Long Beache Electric Bicycles to anyone.

Bought an electric bike from this company a couple of years ago and it has held up really well. It was well put together and is everything I needed in an electric bike. It does close to 20 mph and normally will get 20 miles on a single charge. Henry, the owner, is very helpful and truthful about the bike and what it can do.

By John D. of Redondo Beach, CA

By John M. Downey, CA

We bought 2 electric bikes from Henry a few years back and have at least 2500 miles on each one and haven't had any issues yet. But, I know if we did, that Henry would take great care of us! He's super nice and easy to deal with. I feel so lucky we found his business. Can't recommend them enough! Go get yours, you'll flippin' love it! They're super clean and quiet. We ride right around 20 miles per battery. It depends on the grade, so if it's a steep uphill grade then maybe not as long. We ride the riverbed to the beach and back so it's all flat for the most part. Amazing product! So much fun, kinda life changing!

By John and Yolanda

My husband and I are happy to recommend buying your bike from Henry. We bought our electric bikes two years ago and we have enjoyed every minute with them. We take them on long rides, 15-20 miles and they have worked flawlessly. We know that anyone buying their bike from Henry will be in excellent hands. 

By Brandi L. of Long Beach

Henry will take good care of you if you are looking for an electric bicycle. I had been looking around the Internet and learned what I wanted in an electric bike. One of the things to look for when purchasing an electric bike is the size of the motor and the amp hours of battery. If you are looking for great value at half the price of many lesser electric bikes then at Long Beach Electric Bikes you will find what you are looking for. 

By Sandy M. of Cataic Lake, CA.

I bought an LB Electric bike from Henry for my wife's birthday over a year ago, after doing a ton of research online, and was very impressed with the construction and features of his bikes. Her bike was not given her one problem since we purchased it, and we take it everywhere we go. We couldn't be happier with our choice, so much so, that my wife bought an LB bike for my last birthday. Now I can keep up with her!

By Susan True

Thank you Henry! We have had many wonderful rides these last few years and continue to this very day! I'm so happy to have met you! God bless you and all that you have done for other bicyclist! I'll always remember you! Semper Fi

Got two trikes converted to electric trikes by Henry for Ciclavia and couldn't be happier...Henry uses a thumb control instead of a twist throttle which I think works much better especially if you accidentally fall but hang onto the throttle somehow...prices are fair and service was top notch...I upgraded to the lithium battery which was pricey but night and day compared to the standard battery...also an issue came up with the bike and although it was out of warranty, Henry took care of me fairly...I highly recommend the service that Henry provides and you will be riding electric in no time.

By Mr. P. of Temple City

By Curtis K.

Henry really went the extra mile in evaluating my bike's problem (purchase elsewhere) and getting me set-up with a new battery. This isn't a traditional storefront so don't expect that. I don't think he takes credit cards. Keep that in mind. His prices are extremely reasonable. Top notch customer service, really caring and knows his stuff. I'm lucky to have found him and would recommend him to a friend!

By Mason M. of Hermosa Beach 

Henry is awesome and very helpful! He made sure I knew the bike inside and out before purchasing. I've had my bike now for about 10 months and take it from Hermosa to Venice and back 3-4 days a week. 26 miles round trip. It has held up wonderfully, and I couldn't be happier with it. Thanks Henry!

Testimonial by John N. of Seal Beach, CA

I've had by LB Electric bike for a couple of months now. Use it all the time and have put over 500 miles on it already. Like most people these days, I did extensive online research before purchase. Thankfully, this business popped up when searching a local outlet. What you end up looking for is the watts on the motor and the volts and amp hours on the battery. Something didn't look right because Henry's ebikes appeared to give you like twice the juice for half the price when compared to other vendors. So I went over to Henry's to check things out. Even if you don't buy a bike, it's worth the trip to visit Henry. He's a trippy old dude selling his stuff out of his living room. Check him out on his you tube vids on his website. So I had a zillion questions and we sat and chit chatted and he answered them all. I left feeling he was giving me the straight scoop on this whole electric bike thing. Did a little more comparison shopping online and storefront, then went back and took the plunge. I'm 67 wan weigh 220 and now have no problem with hills and headwinds even coming back on the River Bike Path in the afternoon 20 knot onshores. I've pushed over 25 miles distance from Seal Beach to Newport River Jetties and back with juice left over. 

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