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With  Our 1000 Watt Electric Bikes
48 Volt, 14Ah
Eight Reasons Why
Our Lithium Is Better Than Other Lithiums

ONE:  Our Lithium only weighs 9 1/2 lbs.

TWO:  Our Lithium is 14Ah., which means much longer range than other Lithiums. Most Lithiums are only 9Ah or 10Ah. "Ah" is a battery's capacity which determines its range. Like the gas tank in your car-10 gal., 14 gal., and so on. 

THREE:  Not all Lithiums have the same chemistry. Our's is Cobalt, NOT cheap Phosphate. You may not know the difference, but trust me, it's important.

FOUR:  On some batteries, as the charge runs down, so does your speed and power. The hill you could climb at the beginning of a ride, you might not be able to climb at the end. Not so with our Lithium. Our Lithium provides the same speed and power right to the end of the charge.

FIVE:  Thief-proof. You can lock our Lithium to the bike, making it thief-proof. This feature is not found on all Lithiums. 

SIX:  Three position key. Lockable mounting plate bolts to the rack. Just slide it on or off.

SEVEN:  Easy charging. Charger included. You can charge with the battery on the bike or remove for charging. It has a carrying handle.

EIGHT:  Our Lithium has a carry handle for ease of transport. 

Purchase Battery Separately

Our Custromer: $399. Others: $450

With Free Shipping

Includes Charger and mounting plate

48 Volt, 14Ah


The battery comes with a smart charger. It knows when the battery is fully charged and shuts off automatically. Has a built-in fan that keeps it cool.

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