LB Electric BIKES

Q: How can you offer such a powerful electric bike for such a low price while other companies are selling e-bikes with less power for over $2,600.00?
Low overhead. I do not have an expensive or fancy store front.

Second: Because we are a single-brand supplier (Kingsley 1000 only) we do not have to carry a large expensive inventory.

Third: Since we specialize with -electric bikes our only interest - we do not have the expensive overhead of stocking the variety of accessories like saddles or handlebars, etc., that are the life-blood of the standard bicycle store.

Fourth: We like to stay busy.

Q: Do you offer a warranty?

Absolutely. Two-year warranty on the battery. Six months on the bike. We will repair or replace.

Q: Do you offer a payment plan?

At our low prices, we can not afford to carry receivables.

Q: Why should I deal with you?

Partly because we are NOT an online retailer. Here you deal with a real person. You know where I live -LOL. Local service is always available and e-bikes are our only business.

Q: Will you convert my currently owned bike to electric?

Yes. We can convert most any bike to electric. For details, go here.

Q: Do you ship bikes?

Sorry, but we do not ship bikes.

Q: Must I have a driver's license or registration?

No license, no registration, no insurance required.

Q: How fast will my e-bikes go?

That depends largely upon the weight of the rider. A 175-lb rider will realize 22 miles per hour on flat terrain.

Q: What is the legal speed limits for e-bikes?

Speed limit is 20-mph. CAUTION: Our Kingleys are capable of more than 20-mph. So slow down and watch for the "black and whites". 

CAUTION: You will see a lot of e-bikes with only 250 and 300-watt motors. They are designed for the Asian market where the speed and power regulations are more constrained than in the USA. They will not get you up even the smallest hill or buck strong headwinds. Our Kingsley 1000 is designed for the American market.

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Q: How far will my e-bikes go on a single charge? 

On flat terrain you will realize 22 miles with no pedaling, With a modest amount of pedaling you can stretch this to 35.


Q: How often do I need to charge the battery?

Batteries love to be charged. It's good for their health. Although you can run the battery flat and recharge it in 4 to 5 hours; doing so is not good for the battery. We recommend charging at every opportunity. That way you don't have to leave it on charge for so long.

Q: How long will my battery last?
Our lithium battery will last you 5 or 6 years. We provide a two-year warranty.

Q: Why are your rims double-walled and have heavy duty 12 gauge spokes?

Our stress tests show that standard bicycle rims and spokes are not adequate to safely sustain the additional motor weight and the 750-watts of power exerted on the wheel. So, for your safety, all of our bike motors are mounted in double walled rims with heavy 12-gauge spokes. CAUTION: If you shop elsewhere, be sure to check out this important safety feature.

Q: Why do you include a FREE torque arm and what is it?

When the motored wheel spins forward the axle wants to spin backward in the fork drop-outs which has been known to enlarge the drop-outs resulting in a loose front wheel. That is the reason why your front fork must be steel, NOT the weaker aluminum. Our torque arm counter acts this force. For our customer's safety, we always install a torque arm FREE. CAUTION: If you shop elsewhere, you will find that - although most companies recommend a torque arm - they do NOT include one. However, they will sell you one for an extra $30. To see a torque arm go here.

Q: Do you convert tricycle bikes to electric?

Yes. For details on trike conversions, go here.

Q: What is the best tricycle to buy for electric conversion?
See converting your bike to electric here.