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Electric Beach Cruisers $899. Most Powerful E-bikes the

 Law Allows. Includes 36 Volt 12Ah Battery

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At Long Beach Electric Bikes  we specialize in electric powered Beach Cruisers, providing the most advanced E-bike designs  in the industry at a price that makes sense.

How to Compare Our

 LB Electric Beach Cruisers With Other Brands

When comparing LB Electrics with other e-bikes, here are  features you should  ask any dealer about before purchasing any electric bike.

A Price That Makes Sense: Only $899

Google search “electric bikes” and you will find that elsewhere, most offering only 250 or 350 watt motors and 24 volt batteries that won’t go over 15 miles per hour or get you up even the smallest hill selling for over $2,600.00.  

The Motor: Powerful and Brushless

The LB Electric is equipped with a 750 watt BRUSHLESS  motor, the most powerful motor the law allows. A  250 or 350 watt motor won’t get you up even the smallest hill. Those Chinese imports were designed for the European and Asian markets where legal power restrictions are more constrained than in the USA. We design for America. To learn more about the LB e-bike motor, go here.

Our Longer Range 36 Volt/12Ah Battery

Our Lithium battery is 36 volts, 12Ah . Please note the 12Ah. “Ah” is a battery’s capacity, its range. Like the gas tank in your car–10 gal, 15 and so on. Most  batteries are only 9 or 10Ah. For more details on our Lithium e-bike batteries go here.  

Front Wheel Mounted Motor for Better Balance

 Most E-bikes have the motor mounted in the rear wheel with the heavy battery mounted above it. The  result is a tail-heavy bike. By  mounting our motor on the front and battery in the rear we have a better balanced bike. For more info on our electric bike motors go here.

Pedal Assist

You can power only, pedal only, or mix them for power assist.

The LB Electric Is Safer

Our LB Electric beach cruisers come equipped with a torque arm that relieves stress on the axle–seldom seen on other e-bikes.  All have micro switches in the brake handles that when activated automatically cuts power to the motor. Thumb throttle, much safer than a twist throttle. The motor wheel has a stronger double-walled rim and heavy-duty 12 gauge spokes. For more info see how our e-biks work.

 All LB Electrics Have Fenders Both Front and Rear

You will see a lot of e-bike beach cruisers, with no fenders. Ugly, ugly! All LB Electrics are equipped with fenders,  both front and rear.

But You Still Want the Exercise?

If you want the exercise, you can pedal all you like. Then when you get tired or need to fight a headwind or climb that hill just apply throttle and away you go. Or just add a little power for pedal assist.


So your legs are not what they used to be?

So you have no drivers license?

One of our LB Electrics is your transportation answer.

E-bikes require No license, No insurance, No registration

E-bike Prices and Designs
E-bike Prices and Designs How E-bike Work Batteries Motors FAQ E-bike tours-1 Dealer Page Converting Bikes to Electric Power

 Video Price Correction: Now $899 including SLA battery.


E-bike Prices and Designs

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E-bike Prices and Designs How E-bike Work Batteries Motors FAQ E-bike tours-1 Converting Bikes to Electric Power


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