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With the Most Powerful E-bike Motor the Law Allows

750 Watts and 36 Volt Battery

In this, the most bicycle friendly area in America, more and more folks are enjoying the benefits of electric bicycles. And at Long Beach Electric Bikes we are contributing to their enjoyment by providing the most powerful E-bike in the industry–the LB Electric and at a price that makes sense.

Elsewhere, E-bikes with only One Third the power sell for over $2000. Those Chinese imported ebikes were designed for the European and Asian markets where legal power restrictions on electric bikes are more constrained than in the USA. Most will have only 250 or 300 watt electric motors that wont get you up even the smallest hill.

Sure, Long Beach and greater Los Angeles areas offer some of the most scenic and easy-to-ride bicycle paths in the world, but, still, some of our local hills can get pretty steep and some of our legs are not what they used to be. Remember the days when you could pedal your bicycle up Long Beach’s Cherry Street hill to the top?  But now you get off and push! Well, push no longer! Our powerful 750 watt  LB Electric will get you up that hill and through those seashore headwinds with no sweat. Because our’s are the most powerful ebike motor the law allows.

But You Still Want the Exercise?

If you want the exercise, you can pedal all you like. Then when you get tired or need to fight a headwind or climb that hill just apply throttle and away you go.


So your legs are not what they used to be?

So you have a DUI?

One of our LB Electrics is your transportation answer.

E-bikes require No license, No insurance, No registration

Henry Holcomb, proprietor of Long Beach Electric Bikes and custom E-bike designer, is also the Editor of  www.ElectricBicyclesMagazine.com

where you can learn a lot about electric bikes.


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Contact Henry and ask for the exact address.

I don’t have a fancy store front.

Just one of the reasons I’m able to offer such low prices.

VIDEO CORRECTION: The Price is Actually $899 NOT $849